İnstitutun əməkdaşlarının Impakt Faktorlu “Inorganic Materials” da “Phase Equilibria in the Ag2Se–GeSe2–SnSe2 System and Thermodynamic Properties of Ag8Ge1 – xSnxSe6 Solid Solutions” məqaləsi dərc olunmuşdur
İyl 12, 2017 | 12:08 / Mühüm hadisələr
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The Ag2Se–GeSe2–SnSe2 system has been studied in the temperature range 290–430 K using differential thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction, and emf measurements concerning silver concentration cells with Ag4RbI5 as a solid electrolyte. We have constructed a number of vertical sections; the 300-, 800-, and 900-K isothermal sections of the phase diagram; and a projections of the liquidus surface. It has been shown that the only pseudobinary join, Ag8GeSe6–Ag8SnSe6, contains a continuous series of solid solutions between the two crystalline phases of the constituent selenides and divides the system into two independent subsystems. Ag2Se–Ag8GeSe6–Ag8SnSe6 is a univariant, eutectic subsystem, and GeSe2–Ag8GeSe6–Ag8SnSe6–SnSe2 is an invariant eutectic subsystem. Experimental emf data were used to evaluate partial thermodynamic functions of the silver in the high-temperature and low-temperature Ag8Ge1 – xSnxSe6 solid solutions.

“Phase Equilibria in the Ag2Se–GeSe2–SnSe2 System and Thermodynamic Properties of Ag8Ge1 – xSnxSe6 Solid Solutions” I. J. Alverdiev, S. M. Bagheri, Z. M. Aliyeva, Yu. A. Yusibov, and M. B. Babanly2017, Vol. 53, No. 8, pp. 786–796.

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