Essentially new nanotubes were made out of benzene
Jan 22, 2019 | 11:20 / Interesting information
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Japanese chemists have obtained a new kind of carbon nanotubes from cyclic organic molecules of benzene. They have regularly spaced defects, which can successfully affect their properties and facilitate the synthesis.

The new work under the direction of Horoyuki Isobe from the University of Tokyo talks about the synthesis of a new type of carbon nanotubes from cyclic benzene C6H6 molecules. Obtaining a new molecule occurs by nine steps: from commercially available dibromobenzene (benzene with two bromine atoms instead of two hydrogens) through cyclometaphenylene to the final molecule with the formula C304H264. The main features of the new formations are their similarity and the pores in them are ordered. The nanotube itself is rather large in diameter as well, since 63% of its volume is an emptiness. The authors confirmed this property by placing fullerene C70 molecules inside it.

The results are presented in the journal Science.

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