Chemists from Russia learned to extract pure hydrogen from biofuel
Jun 27, 2018 | 15:16 / Interesting information
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Scientists from Russia created new nanocatalysts that allow to decompose of various types of biofuels and extract pure hydrogen from them.

If the biofuel is heated to several hundred degrees and its vapor is passed through a special membrane of nickel and aluminum alloy coated with nanoparticles from praseodymium, cerium, cobalt, yttrium compounds and a number of other rare-earth and simply rare metals, its molecules, including methane, ethanol and other combustible hydrocarbons, will dissolve into pure hydrogen, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide gas. Hydrogen will pass through the "holes" in the membrane, and heavy biofuel molecules and CO2 will remain inside the reactor.

As author notes, such a catalyst is much cheaper than similar membranes from palladium and other noble metals.

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