Chemists have got monomer krypton for the first time.
Feb 08, 2024 | 12:00 / Interesting information
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Chemists from England have found the atoms of krypton inside the carbon nanotube with the diameter just  1/500000 of a human hair. They managed to arrange the atoms as if they stand in one line, and therefore transformed from a triple gas molecule into a monomer one. This discovery will let the researches realize much better the processes that take place between molecules and atoms from the physical and chemical point of view.

Fulleren – a molecular composition, named in the honor of an architect Richard Bakmister. Fuller, it consists out of 60 carbon atoms, atoms which are connected inside themselves as a sphere that remind a soccer ball.

The researchers from Nottinghem used it as a sell for krypton atoms, and later fullerene was srt up inside the carbon tubes which in their turn were influenced either by a high temperature (1200 ⁰), or  were bombed with  electronic rays. After all, the atoms stood in an ideal line like the beads on a thread, thus composing a monomer gas.

Professor Paul Brown said, - “As far as we are concerned, that is the first time we observe the chances of a noble gas, that leads us to creation of monomer in a hard material”.

Strictly speaking, the krypton atoms do not stop being triple – writes ZME Science. But from the experimental point of view, the atoms set inside the carbon nanotubes, are in monomer state.

In such tight conditions the atoms of krypton demonstrate a unique behavior. They cannot replace each other, that‘s why the scientists have got the chance to scan the nanotubes and study the spectrum of separate krypton atoms in unprecedented regime of a real time. Long before the researchers could observe the motion just of a group of atoms.

Such an achievement has a great value for physics and chemistry, as observation over the action of Van der Waals forces permits to realize atoms and molecules much better.

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