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Сен 28, 2017 | 09:35 / Важные события
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Phase equilibria in the Tl2Te-Tl5Te3-Tl9TmTe6 section of the Tl-Tm-Te ternary system were experimentally studied by using the powder x-ray diffraction technique, differential thermal analysis, as well as microhardness measurements applied to equilibrated alloys. Several isopleth sections and isothermal section at 680 K, as well as projections of the liquidus and solidus surfaces, were constructed. The Tl5Te3-Tl9TmTe6 section is characterized by the formation of continuous series of solid solutions (d-phase) with Tl5Te3 tetragonal structure, which penetrate deep into the concentration triangle and occupy more than 90% of its area. A narrow area of solid solutions (a-phase) based on Tl2Te was detected. 

«Phase Equilibria in the Tl2Te-Tl5Te3-Tl9TmTe6 Section of the Tl-Tm-Te System» Samira Zakir Imamaliyeva, Ilaha Firudin Mehdiyeva, Imamaddin Rajabali Amiraslanov, Mahammad Baba Babanly. “Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion”. 2017, volume 38, №5.