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Phase relations in the Tl5Te3-Tl9SbTe6-Tl9TbTe6 system were experimentally studied by DTA, XRD technique and microhardness measurements. Several isopleth sections and isothermal section at 760 K, as well as projections of the liquidus and solidus surfaces were constructed. It is determined that the system is characterized by an unlimited solubility of components in the solid state.

Phase relations in the Tl5Te3-Tl9SbTe6-Tl9TbTe6 system” Samira Imamaliyeva, Turan Gasanly, Imameddin Amiraslanov, Mahammad BabanlyChem. Chem. Technol., 2017, Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 415–419.