ANAS Central Scientific Library celebrated Press Day
Jul 21, 2016 | 12:35 / Conferences, assemblies
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ANAS Central Scientific Library organizational support of this structure hosted action "The book and mass media as the means providing national identification in post-modernist society", devoted on July 22 – to Day of National Press Day.

At the event, head of the Department of International Relations and Public Affairs of the same structure Mubariz Geyushlu spoke about the 141-years of glorious path of Azerbaijani journalism.

He noted that, the library and publishing activities have always occupied an important place in the life of Azerbaijani intellectuals. He stressed that, this topic is actual now and CSL is constantly supporting the activities of scientific and social significance.

Chief Editor of "Yeni Azerbaijan newspaper, honored journalist, Milli Majlis deputy Hikmat Babaoglu noted that, being a fixed asset of management – information, its exerts serious impact on forming of national values in the globalized world. It was noted that, given the developments taking place in recent years, the lecture is intended to enlighten the audience that the media, which is important from the point of view of safety of the people and the state is the primary means of determining the social, political, ideological, cultural and intellectual paradigms. Chief Editor noted that, the security of the national press is a priority for every country in terms of national interests.

Hikmat Babaoglu noted that, CSL is estimated as a great contribution to the development of Azerbaijani science and education, and wished success to the staff of the library.

Director of CSL Leyla Imanova congratulated Azerbaijani journalists on the Day of National Press. It was noted that, the library collects and processes information about Azerbaijan and renders it available to users. She also spoke about the CSL activities towards converting information into a useful and manageable resource.

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