New material "trains" and becomes stronger under load
Feb 06, 2019 | 12:19 / Interesting information
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Japanese scientists have learned how to obtain materials that become stronger with each mechanical action - just as our muscles become stronger with each training. In fact, according to Jian Ping Gong and her colleagues at Hokkaido University, it was the structure of muscle tissue that led them to create such materials.

During the training with significant loads in the muscles there is a partial destruction of protein fibers and the formation of new, more durable and strong. A similar approach was applied by Japanese scientists, having obtained a hydrogel based on two polymer components - one strong and rigid, and the second - flexible and tensile.

The authors are confident that the development will find the application in creating self-repairing, flexible and durable materials of the future - for robotics, exoskeletons and, of course, for medical reconstruction of lost muscles.

The technology of their obtaining is described in the article published in the journal Science.

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