Siberian scientists will create highly ecological sorbents
Sep 28, 2018 | 13:17 / Interesting information
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The sorbents over which they work at the Institute of Chemistry of Solid State and Mechanochemistry of the SB RAS are useful not only for agriculture, but also for ecology. For example, two years ago, scientists conducted research on the segment of the Kamensk highway in Novosibirsk. The problem is that, since the content of heavy metals there exceeds all admitted norms, the grass in this dividing strip practically does not grow.

The scientists say: "To prevent this from happening, we must make the grass grow, for which it is necessary to add sorbents, which will pull heavy metals on themselves and will not let them damage the growth of plants. We showed: thanks to our sorbents, the height of the grass doubles, which, in turn, almost ten times increases the amount of dust that is trapped,.

Now researchers are working on the connection of humates with carrier particles: from vegetable raw materials, sand or clay. As a result, universal sorbents are obtained that can be used in various fields, for example, for water purification.

Sorbents of IHTTM SB RAS have discovered themselves to be very effective cleaners.

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