The article "Experimental Study of the Tl4PbTe3 -Tl9TbTe6 -Tl9BiTe6 Section of the Tl-Pb-Bi-Tb-Te System" has been published in the journal "Materials Research" with impact factor 1.01 (CA)
Aug 28, 2018 | 11:11 / Important events
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The aim of the present study was to determine the phase relations in the Tl4PbTe3-Tl9TbTe6-Tl9BiTe6 section of the Tl-Pb-Bi-Tb-Te system. Based on a set of the methods of the physicochemical analysis (differential thermal analysis, powder X-ray diffraction method as well as microhardness measurements), the phase diagram of the Tl4PbTe3-Tl9TbTe6 boundary system, some isopleth sections, liquidus and solidus surfaces projections, as well as isothermal sections at 840 and 860 K, were plotted. Unlimited solid solutions with the Tl5Te3 structure (δ-phase) were found in the system, which are of interest as a thermoelectric materials.

"Experimental Study of the Tl4PbTe3-Tl9TbTe6-Tl9BiTe6 Section of the Tl-Pb-Bi-Tb-Te System" Samira Zakir Imamaliyeva, Ganira Ilgar Alakbarzade, Vagif Akber Gasymov, Mahammad Baba Babanly. Materials Research. 2018; 21(4): e20180189.

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