Blue Light Damage Eyes
Aug 10, 2018 | 14:00 / Interesting information
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The American biochemists have come to sensational conclusions, having studied influence of photosensitive molecules on photoreceptors.

Scientists claim that blue color is dangerous to sight as it works activating molecules ретиналя that because of a surplus of calcium leads to dying off of cages in an eye retina. Biochemists warn that they length of the waves of blue color radiated by LED lamps or monitors of computers negatively affect the most vulnerable segment of a retina, a so-called "yellow spot". Waves from blue color prevent to return chromophore in an initial state, thereby leaving cells of a retina without necessary "nutrition".

Researchers, interacting with biologists, have also found out that the extreme sensitivity to blue color is observed at some species of insects. For bees, for example, this color is so attractive that they are ready not to pay attention to external threats. According to scientists, their theoretical researches will be directed to the practical plane over time, namely on protection of a retina against blue color of devices and devices.

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