Engineers proposed an inexpensive way to extract carbon dioxide gas from the air
Jun 13, 2018 | 11:05 / Interesting information
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Specialists of the Canadian company Carbon Engineering have developed a method that allows to extract carbon dioxide gas directly from the atmosphere by means of a cycle of chemical reactions. According to the creators of technology, its distinctive feature is low costs compared to other methods. 

The method proposed by Canadian engineers is not the first in this field, there are many ways to obtain CO2 from the atmosphere. However, most of these technologies are expensive: according to various estimates, the cost of obtaining a ton of gas can range from $ 600 to $1000. Representatives of Carbon Engineering say that the gas obtained by their technology will cost from $ 94 to $ 232 per ton.

Engineers are planning to build a large plant to obtain CO2 using the new technology no later than 2021.

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