The article “AC Electrical Conductivity of FeIn2Se4 Single Crystals” has been published in the journal "Semiconductors" with impact factor (TR)
May 24, 2018 | 11:12 / Important events
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The results obtained in a study of the frequency and temperature dependences of the ac electrical conductivity of FeIn2Se4 single crystals are presented. It is found that the law σ ~ S (0.1 ≤ ≤ 1.0) is obeyed  for electrical conductivity in the 295–375 K temperature range at frequencies of 2 x 104–106 Hz. It shown that the frequency dependence of the conductivity in an FeIn2Se4 single crystal can be accounted for in terms of the multiplet model, and, consequently, the conductivity in these single crystals is characterized by the band-hopping mechanism.

“AC Electrical Conductivity of FeIn2Se4 Single Crystals”. N.N. Niftiyev, F.M. Mammadov, V.I. Quseynov, S.Sh. Kurbanov, "Semiconductors", 2018, Vol. 52,No.6, pp. 683–685. 

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