Akif Alizadeh: "The International Conference is the most adequate response to the enemy put forward territorial claims against the ancient Nakhchivan"
Jul 11, 2016 | 12:00 / Important events
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"Located on the territory of Nakhchivan rich architectural monuments and are integral parts of the fortress are of particular importance as symbols of the history of the statehood of the Azerbaijani people and its will to fight for freedom. International conference "Fortress Nakhchivan: history and today" - the most adequate response to the enemy, nominated the territorial claims with respect to the ancient Nakhchivan".

This was announced by President of ANAS, Academician Akif Alizadeh on July 9, in his interview to the staff of print media at the opening ceremony of the International Conference "Nakhchivan castles: in history and today."

Akif Alizadeh noted that, an international conference has a special significance, not only in terms of the development of social sciences and humanities in Azerbaijan, but also training the national spirit of patriotism, propaganda stories of heroism of our people. Another importance of the conference is to support this policy in the information war carried out by Azerbaijan in modern conditions.

Turning lies and fabrications of the scientific approach, they do not refuse to distribute the distortion of historical information on the region.

Last year, at the ceremonial meeting devoted to 70th anniversary of the Academy, President Ilham Aliyev stressed that, in the conditions of information warfare on our scientists have a great responsibility.

In such circumstances the study and promotion of Nakhchivan fortresses, is the main indicator and the historical evidence of a long-standing affiliation land to our people is of particular importance. From this point of view, conducted in Nakhchivan the International Conference is worthy answer the call of the president"- said Akif Alizadeh.

Stressing that, as an integral part of Azerbaijan throughout history, ancient Nakhchivan region is one of the main centers of statehood, the academician noted that the state Atabay, with its capital in the city of Nakhchivan contributed to the formation of the culture of the Renaissance in Azerbaijan, and further state Nahchyvanshahov, Nakhchivan Khanate played a major role in the political and socio-cultural development not only of this region but also in the whole of Azerbaijan.

It should be noted that, from the point of view of a responsible mission, carried out in the socio-political, scientific and cultural life of Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan is currently one of the main centers of the independent Azerbaijani statehood and political history.

ANAS President said that, the monumental encyclopedias, yearbooks and anthologies, created as a result of successive years of searching and creative efforts in the autonomous republic, are perceived as serious and important works.

As a result of a joint long-term work of science figures, living and creating in Nakhchivan, there was a three-volume monographic study "History of Nakhchivan", which is considered one of the most powerful media in recent years in the field of humanities and social sciences in Azerbaijan.

Stressing that, with the establishment of the Nakhchivan branch of ANAS due to the vision of the great leader Heydar Aliyev in the field of science in the region awakened centuries-old traditions Akif Alizadeh said: "At present, science and education have a special place in the kind of system 


, successfully serving the high level of development in all areas of the autonomous republic.

Thanks to this policy in Nakhchivan is developing science and making major steps towards the development of history of Nakhchivan, restored historic sites and implemented comprehensive measures aimed at their preservation and transmission to future generations. Recently restored mausoleum of Gulustan, as well as chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic signed a decree "On the restoration and study of mausoleum complex Garabaglar" on July 4, 2016. And the scientific community of Azerbaijan welcomes all those steps. "

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