"Armenian problem" book publeshed
Jul 08, 2016 | 12:00 / Publications
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Book "Armenian problem in the Turkish press" was published by researcher of ANAS Institute of Oriental Studies after Academician Ziya Bunyadov Emilia Khalilova.

The book contains articles by individual authors on the Armenians, including Zeki Bashar, Jamal Pasha, Kazim Karabekir, Tverdokhlebova, Horoshenova. Presented in the book information is based on the proven facts, reflecting existed socio-political situation, raised the Armenians revolt and violation of order at the instigation of foreign countries, who promised them the granting of autonomy to the east of the country purpose dismembering Turkey, perpetrated against the Turks bloody crimes and murder, torture and oppression, historical realities.

Among included in the book to be a special place is also given to individual pieces published in 1919 in Istanbul, book historian Ahmed Rafig Altyn "Memories and impressions on the roads of the Caucasus" and published in 1939 a book of Colonel of Staff during the liberation of Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars on the Armenian in 1918, the commander of the Caucasian Corps I Kazim Karabekir "Erzurum Erzurum and salvation."

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