How to turn water into wine: scientists invented a virtual cocktail
Nov 07, 2017 | 13:56 / Interesting information
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Researchers from Singapore have learned to deceive human perception and turn ordinary water into a variety of drinks without changing the chemical composition of the liquid.

Alcohol is known to man since ancient times, however its concept remains unchanged for centuries. Scientists decided to modernize the aspect of the drinking culture and bring it to a new level. A team from the National University of Singapore developed Vocktail (short for virtual cocktail, a "virtual cocktail") - a glass that changes the liquid poured into it. Thus, the user can choose one of three drinks, even if there is ordinary water in his glass - but how?

First, the device changes not so much the composition of the liquid as its perception by the person. The first step is to change the color of the drink using LEDs. The second is the slight electrical stimulation of certain taste buds on the tongue, which causes a sense of this or that taste. Finally, the final nuance is the tube, through which an aromatic gas is fed into the liquid.

Nimeša Ranasinga used to create digital lemonade, which skillfully deceived the perception of a person. In this case, the technology has become an order of magnitude more complicated: scientists have learned to form complex flavor combinations, and have developed a special application that allows you to share your favorite receptors with other users and try their versions of electronic cocktails.

Vocktail is not just another milestone in the way of creating a complete virtual simulation. With this technology, dieting will be much easier: the user can consume ordinary water with the taste and smell of sweet lemonade, not denying himself the pleasure and paradoxical way without getting extra calories.

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