Russian scientists have developed a new "alloy" of titanium, which is more durable than pure titanium itself
Mar 13, 2017 | 11:00 / Interesting information
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Zherebtsov and his colleagues solved this problem by creating a special compound on the basis of titanium and a combination of titanium and boron, which is not an ordinary "alloy", but a special composite material, similar to honeycomb or mosaic in design.

As scientists explain, the components of this material performed different functions. In particular, the walls of these metallic «honeycombs» consisted of titanium boride, a more durable and hard material, and the voids between them were filled with ordinary titanium, softer and more flexible than the compound of boron and titanium.

Experimenting with such "honeycombs", the authors of the article understood how this can be achieved by preserving all the advantages of both titanium and titanium boride. As it turned out, a very strong and at the same time plastic material on the basis of such honeycombs can be obtained by caking a mixture of titanium powders and titanium diboride at temperatures of about a thousand degrees by Celsius. Under such conditions, the matrix of titanium boride can be processed and deformed without formation of cracks in their structure.

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