Genetics brought not darken apples
Jan 25, 2017 | 11:00 / Interesting information
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American genetic engineers taught apples not to get darken in the cut off place, he told CBS News. The new product, called "Arctic Apple" will arrive in US stores in February.

The main difference from the fresh fruit created by nature is the ability not to get dark in the place of cut in three weeks. Pulp of apple changes its color due to polyphenol oxidase - this enzyme in contact with air is forming quinones imparting brown color. The creators of "Arctic" entered into its structure a new gene that turns off the enzymes - thereby apples stored for longer and cost cheaper.

Following the US trade of these fruit allowed Canada - there "eternal" apples will appear a month later it’s true, the "Arctic" can darken, warned the manufacturer - in the case the bacteria will get to cut.

America cultivated 85,000 new sorts apple trees, by 2018 their number will increase to half a million.

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