The sound of Stradivarius violins explained by their chemical composition
Dec 23, 2016 | 12:00 / Interesting information
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Antonio Stradivari violins  contain various combinations of aluminum, copper and zinc. Probably the master dipped the tree into  a solution which assisted tools to pass through the centuries. That was evidenced by research professor of chemistry from Taiwan University Hwang Ching Tau. "The use of such chemical alloys was an unusual practice, they remained unknown to future generations of violin makers," - he said. The experts examined the violin at the molecular level. However, they could not determine how a special coating affect the timbre and sound quality. It was clear only one thing: in the XVII century Stradivari possessed extraordinary for that time knowledge of chemistry. It was found that the tools were handled by complex mineral composition. Moreover, a conservant was used for soaking the wood for a long time. Version of Taiwanese researchers confirms Joseph Nadzhiyari from the University of Texas. He believes that the tree of Stradivarius violins of was covered with protective composition of wood pests, containing a variety of chemicals, including borax, used by the Egyptians for embalming mummies.

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