Scientists have discovered new traces of the origin of life on the Earth
Nov 10, 2016 | 11:11 / Interesting information
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German scientists have discovered new traces of the first life on Earth in Africa. The first organisms appeared on Earth about 300 million years ago, said the Business Standard publication. Specialists from the Free University of Berlin in Germany noted that the earliest evidences of life on the Earth have been discovered in Africa.

Currently, excavations at the site of detection artifacts continue, but it is now clear that the information, that life on our planet originated 200 million years ago, is false.

The scientists found traces of sulfur isotopes 34S and 32S, which could leave only organic compounds. According to preliminary data, their age is no less than 300 million years. Besides, the presence of 34S and 32S isotopes of sulfur in the soil is a clear sign of microbial activity. 

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