"Smart" Aurora LED panel can be assembled in any design constructions
Nov 03, 2016 | 12:54 / Interesting information
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Multi-colored LED systems start to be increasingly used in our live. As compared with traditional bulbs, LED lamps demonstrate a more efficient use of energy and a longer life. Besides, many  of LED systems have a number of additional functions, such as wireless control methods or  their ability to connect to their shared Internet system of things.  As the developers  from  the Nanoleaf company say, a new system of LED panels is designed especially for creative people, for those who lack traditional light sources. To install the new LED panels on the wall it does not need anything, except the panels  themselves.  New sided mounting tape is on the back side that allows to attach it to  any surface. The main feature of the Aurora system is its modularity, which allows you to connect  together up to 30 panels. Thus,  power must be applied to any of the panels in the system, and it has on the electric power supplied to all the other elements. After installation, the user can customize each panel individually with the mobile app for iOS or Android. In addition, as the developers say, the Aurora lighting can be controlled with the help of "smart» Siri Assistant from Apple or Amazon Alexa voice commands. The system can be purchased for $ 200. A set of this price includes 9 LED panels and everything which is necessary for their work.



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