Memorandum on cooperation signed in space sphere
Sep 19, 2016 | 10:00 / Important events
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President Ilham Aliyev defined new priorities of our science at the meeting devoted to the 70th anniversary of ANAS, set forth particular tasks before scientific ventures of ANAS.

Taking into account that, one of concentrated areas is cosmic area and carrying out researches there, ANAS and Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of AR has signed a memorandum of cooperation in the space surveillance from a distance and satellite services.

According to the memorandum, the parties will cooperate to the widespread use of modern technology for satellite images to be used for scientific purposes. The images will be obtained as a result of space-based observations of the territory of Azerbaijan Republic.

The document reflected such issues as the implementation of predictive calculations necessary to ensure the safety of artificial satellites belonging to Azerbaijan, conducting astrophysical experiments on nano-satellites, the study of space-based images of dangerous endogenous geological processes, as well as the processes that can lead to activity of mud volcanoes, environmental change, and so on, and monitoring. Besides, the parties will cooperate in the study of biodiversity of flora, fauna and soil cover of Azerbaijan, the geological structure of the country, the use of satellite images in the projects in the field of conservation and sustainable use of the gene pool, the monitoring of exogenous geological processes, the use of geo-ecological and minerals.

In general, the memorandum, which will expand the established between the parties to the cooperation and joint research activities in the priority areas in the future will create an opportunity for receiving and monitoring of new data on the environmental and geological hazards on the territory of Azerbaijan, as well as for mineral exploration, the study of the Caspian Sea level and desertification processes.

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