The article "Quasi-Binary Section CuInS2–FeIn2S4" has been published in the Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry with impact factor 0,822 (CA)
Jun 10, 2020 | 10:09 / Important events
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By physicochemical analysis methods, the phase equilibrium in the CuInS2–FeIn2S4 system was studied, and its phase diagram was constructed. It was shown that the CuInS2–FeIn2S4system is quasibinary.In this system, the compound CuFeIn3S6 forms, which melts congruently at 1365 K and crystallizesin the orthorhombic system with the unit cell parameters a = 11.236 Å, b = 11.457 Å, c =4.015 Å, and Vcell =516.854 Å3 and the space group Pnma. The coordinates of eutectics are (31 mol % FeIn2S4, 1285 K) and (68 mol % FeIn2S4, 1315 K). At 300 K, CuInS2- and FeIn2S4-based solid solution regions were found at12 mol % FeIn2S4  and 3 mol % CuInS2, respectively, and at 1000 K, the solubility regions extend to 15 mol % FeIn2S4  and 5 mol % CuInS2, respectively.

"Quasi-Binary Section CuInS2–FeIn2S4" Sh. S. Abdullaeva,  F. M. Mammadov, and I. B. Bakhtiyarly. Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2020 vol. 65 №1 с.98-103.

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