Cotton wastes can be turned into biodegradable plastic
Jul 01, 2019 | 12:52 / Interesting information
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The researchers proved that the remains of cotton fibers, seeds and stems can be dissolved in environmentally pure chemicals, and get a liquid organic polymer to create a plastic film. It is believed that the products of such material quickly decompose in the ground, and in addition serve as an excellent fertilizer for the growth of new cotton.

"Bioplastic can decompose and turn into the soil, which in its turn, will be then used for cotton growth” Maryam Nahebe explained.

Besides, plastic from cotton wastes is well decomposed, its production is much cheaper than the creation of synthetic materials from petroleum. At present moment, researchers want to apply the same technology to plant wastes of lemongrass and wheat, as well as to sawdust and shavings.

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