The SOCAR Science Foundation has announced the results of the 2019 grant competition
Sep 02, 2019 | 09:46
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The Scientific Fund of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) supports the activities of scientists and creative teams engaged in research of topical scientific and technological problems related to oil and gas, petrochemical industry, providing them with additional creative opportunities, scientific and innovative research. announced the next grant competition for 2019

113 projects were submitted to the competition. A new Competition Commission has been set up to review the submitted projects and a project review has been organized in accordance with the provisions of the Science Foundation.

Taking into account the conclusions of the Competition Commission and the experts of the SOCAR Science Foundation Board of July 24, 2019, 30 grant projects were winners, including 26 scientific research (SR), 1 special (XL) and 3 incentive prizes (IP).

We present a list of those projects.

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